Family Financial Centers is a professional, discreet service that helps you get cash quickly and take care of your financial needs if you:

- don't have your own bank account

- have bad credit

- cannot conveniently get to the bank where check is issued

- want convenient hours that fit your schedule

- need quick cash to pay bills or shop

- don't have a bank account or credit

- have a small business and don't want a bank to hold your funds

- have bank that limits how much cash you can get in 1 day

- don't want to pay the typical $10-$15 monthly bank fee for an account

- need money transfers, money orders, or wire transfers

- need help paying your bills

- want a prepaid debit card or prepaid phone card

- need a direct deposit

What financial services are offered?

- Check cashing

- Western Union

- UniTransfer

- Money orders

- Bill paying

- Prepaid debit cards

- Direct deposit

- Prepaid phone cards

We also offer Life Insurance Products to protect you, your family,
and your future.

Call Bob 203-674-8221 for a free consultation.

How can I benefit from check cashing?

- Safe, fast access to cash

- Discreet, secure transactions

- No holds on checks like banks do

- Convenient hours

- Cash large amount checks in 1 day

What types of checks are cashed?

- Paycheck

- Tax refund

- Welfare

- Unemployment

- Business

- Social Security

- Lawyer settlement

- Government

- Union

How do I cash a check?

1. Just bring your check and show your photo ID.

2. Complete our form and receive your personal cashing ID member card.

3. We give you your cash minus the fee for our services. ONLY 1% fee on the first check cashing for New Customers! Regular fees apply after: 2% of the amount of the check. For example, if you cash a $100 (USD) check, 1% would be a $1 so you receive $99 instantly.

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